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Dual Ascent is a collection of projects by husband and wife team Silvia and Stuart Morris, representing their shared ideals: tackling life head-on, too many to-do lists, and having fun and laughing while doing it.

By day, Silvia is a driving instructor. Her thoughtful, compassionate approach to education with a focus on creating a tailored curriculum has made her highly sought after. Silvia delights in seeing her students learn essential life skills, and places particular emphases on helping them become safe, confident drivers.

Stuart is a building automation technician and qualified electrician. Over the last decade, he's worked to combine his varied career across IT, enterprise analytics, and construction. This experience helps him to deliver automation solutions to clients that enable them to operate their buildings efficiently.

Their newest venture is Silvobeat, a unique collection of mouth-watering plant-based, whole food recipes.

They live in Melbourne, Australia and spend their downtime either hiking or sampling the delicious fare this city has to offer.


Dual Ascent is a project by Silvia and Stuart Morris.

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Safer Drivers

Safer Drivers by Silvia Koprek provides thoughtful and compassionate car driver educational coaching for both new learners and experienced drivers alike.

Silvia understands that driving can be a complicated and stressful task for many people, and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning any skill.

Each lesson is tailored to your particular learning style to help develop you into a safe, confident, and risk-aware driver.

Please visit Safer Drivers on Facebook for more information.


Silvobeat is a collection of mouth-watering plant-based, whole-food recipes.

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